Stamp service which can be
directly pressed on a smart phone

Without battery, marvelous block "Ocelly®" brings a completely new user experience.

Realizable Service

“HiTAP (high tap)” is the digital stamp service.
The block device “Ocelly®” to which static electricity multi-touch technology was applied allows to directly stamp on the screen of smart phones by touching.
Mainly three services, “stamp rally”, “point card”, and “stamp update (used).”

* The “Digishot® technology” (patent pending) which Koto, Inc. developed is adopted to Ocelly®.
Digishot® technology is a system which recognizes the multi-touch on a screen by the contacting pattern of a block device.

Stamp Rally

Assign different ID of Ocelly® for every point such as Tourist resorts, theme parks and the counter of stores, etc. Users will be able to can collect all different stamps.
At the time of completion, a coupon can be offered. After using the coupon, it can be easily updated to Used by “Used” stamp.
It is possible to guide to external sites, such as a campaign application site, etc.

Stamp rally
Point card

Point Card

Usres can acquire points by each visit and purchase. Incentive can be provided by the achievement of fixed points.
It is very convenient as the point can be collected on your smart phone with which you can be always.
As well as a stamp rally, at the time of completion, a coupon can be offered and updated to Used. In addition, it is possible to guide to external sites.

Used Stamp

Used stamp updates the status of stamp to “Used”.
It updates to “Used” not only visually but also the coupon usage data.

Used stamp

Features of HiTAP

Rich experience unique to digital stamp

Not only a mere print-of-a-seal display.
Digital realizes various effects and complete messages
at will at the time of stamping.
The features are the rich interactions which are not available in the analog stamp.

No battery, usable outdoors

HiTAP requires only Ocelly®. Neither a power supply nor a battery is needed.
No restriction on the location and maintenanc.
As long as it connects with the Internet, the stamp can be pushed
from anywhere in the world.

User friendly – Children and seniors can use easily

Only touch light weight, strong and compact Ocelly® on a smart phone
Though it can provide a completely new user experience,
anyone can use it easily.
* IMJ R&D room UXD Unit (human centered design expert team) and
Smart Innovation Unit (advanced device research team) carried out
the user test with 16 preschoolers.
IMJ always offers a newest best user experience.

Same feeling as conventional stamp

How to push a stamp and the print of a seal is
almost the same as the conventional stamp.
Therefore, it can be used without hesitation.

No paper and ink required

It is not necessary to distribute the pasteboard of a stamp or
to prepare vermilion ink-pad like conventional stamp.
It is the delightful feature unique to a digital stamp.

No need to keep a stamp card.

Have you ever lost a stamp card?
If you use HiTAP, you can use your smart phone
with which you are always.
It leads to the improvement of user’s convenience.

Usable via a browser and easy to introduce

As HiTAP is made on a Web basis,
it can be used only via the browser preinstalled in the smart phone.
Furthermore, it is easy to apply to existing applications only by including WebView module into the applications.

Available stamp status.

Stamp status such as the order of stamp pressed, the time which pushed
each stamp are recorded on a server as a log.
The sales promotion effect which was hard to measure can be measured